About Us

The Cahaba Riverkeeper was established to protect the Cahaba River watershed from numerous pollution problems that threaten its wellbeing and to specifically focus on the political and scientific issues related to its degradation.

The mission of the Cahaba Riverkeeper is to defend the ecological integrity of the Cahaba, its tributaries and watershed and to ensure clean water, a healthy aquatic environment, and the recreational and aesthetic values of the river. The Cahaba watershed is monitored to identify violations of clean water legislation. If notification to a violator and appropriate authorities fails to produce action, remedial and legal action is pursued to protect this unique natural resource and important drinking water supply.

Cahaba Riverkeeper also monitors the water quality of the river and documents and studies the water and the river’s habitat. This scientific program is a primary focus of the organization. A bacteriological testing program in the upper Cahaba in Summer 2014 demonstrated the need for the ability to provide the public current information on the water cleanliness at high-use access sites.

A community, nonprofit organization with public charity status, Cahaba Riverkeeper seeks to engage citizens in its activities and to educate the public about the importance of protecting this vital and nonrenewable resource. Staff and volunteers provide a variety of educational programs.

Cahaba Riverkeeper was founded in 2008 and initiated in 2009 by Myra Crawford, PhD, MPH, of Birmingham Alabama, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is guided by a board of directors. Dr. Crawford is joined by a devoted group of volunteers who share the vision of supporting a healthy environment and clean water. The organization is a licensee of the global Waterkeeper Alliance and is also a member of the national River Network.